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Kyrie Sewer Cameras

Replacement Power Supply

Replacement Power Supply

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Camera Model

Please select from the drop down menu the power supply based on the Kyrie Sewer Camera Model.

12V DC Power Adapter

  • Kyrie Cam Models 50, 100, 1000S

18V DC Power Adapter

  • Kyrie Cam Nano NS100 / Nano NS100 CTR
  • Kyrie Cam Models 1500S (All models)
  • Kyrie Cam Models 2000S (All models)
  • Kyrie Cam Models 2500S (All models)
  • Kyrie Cam Models 3000S (All models)


Ships within 24 hours Sunday - Friday. Free shipping.


Ships within 24 hours using FedEx Ground. Bundles ship within 3-5 Business days.

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