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Kyrie Sewer Cameras

Kyrie Cam Skid KSC10

Kyrie Cam Skid KSC10

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We recommend purchasing a Kyrie Cam Skid in order to protect your camera head. Using a skid also helps center the camera head in the pipe, providing for an even better picture.

Skid model KSC10 is compatible with the following Kyrie Cam Models:

  • Kyrie Cam Model 50
  • Kyrie Cam Model 100
  • Kyrie Cam Model 1000S
  • Kyrie Cam Models 1500S, 1500S WL, 1500S CTR, 1500S CTR WL
  • Kyrie Cam Models 2000S, 2000S WL, 2000S CTR, 2000S CTR WL
  • Kyrie Cam Models 2500S, 2500S WL, 2500S CTR, 2500S CTR WL
  • Kyrie Cam Models 3000S, 3000S WL, 3000S CTR, 3000S CTR WL


Please note this skid does not fit the camera head on the Kyrie Cam Nano NS100 or self leveling camera models. Please see our other skids for those models.

Watch the Kyrie Cam Skid KSC10 (black skid version) in action: 


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