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Kyrie Sewer Cameras

Kyrie Cam Replacement Screen

Kyrie Cam Replacement Screen

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Connection style:

Please see pictures to select screen connection style when placing order. 

This replacement Kyrie Cam Screen is compatible with all Kyrie Cam Models (please select connection style # 1 or 2 based on the monitor harness used on your Kyrie Cam). 

Instructions will be provided with the replacement monitor showing how to switch out the screen. Typical time required to switch out the screen is between 5 - 10 minutes and only requires a standard Phillips screwdriver.

To avoid having to change out the monitor harness wires we recommend verifying the connection style (please see pictures). For Kyrie Cam Models 1500S - 3000S (larger control box models) the monitor harness connection can be found by removing the foam insert around the screen. Please e-mail pictures to if any assistance is needed in verifying what monitor harness connection your Kyrie Cam has. 


Ships within 24 hours Sunday - Friday. Free standard shipping.


Ships within 24 hours using FedEx Ground. Bundles ship within 3-5 Business days.

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