Kyrie Cam Power Board

Kyrie Sewer Cameras

$ 79.00

The Kyrie Cam power distribution board KC500 is compatible with the Kyrie Cam models listed below, manufactured before November 2018.

For cameras manufactured/purchased after November 2018 please contact us to confirm the power board required for your camera. 

  • Kyrie Cam Model 50
  • Kyrie Cam Model 100
  • Kyrie Cam Nano NS100
  • Kyrie Cam Model 1000S
  • Kyrie Cam Models 1500S, 1500S WL, SL 1500S, SL 1500S WL
  • Kyrie Cam Models 2000S, 2000S WL, SL 2000S, SL 2000S WL
  • Kyrie Cam Models 2500S, 2500S WL, SL 2500S, SL 2500S WL
  • Kyrie Cam Models 3000S, 3000S WL, SL 3000S, SL 3000S WL

    All other models require the camera to be sent in for the power distribution board to be replaced. If you have a camera with a footage counter and need a power distibution board please e-mail to request an RMA form to send the camera in for repair.


    Ships within 24 hours Sunday - Friday. Free shipping.

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