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Kyrie Sewer Cameras

Analog 512 hz sonde locator

Analog 512 hz sonde locator

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Need a handheld locator to go with your Kyrie Cam? Introducing the SL 512-A locator. The SL 512-A locator is an analog locator that will help you locate your Kyrie Sewer camera up to 10 feet underground.

Compatible with Kyrie Cam Models 1000S - 3000S & the Kyrie Cam Nano NS100.

 Frequently asked questions:

    1) What are the differences between the SL 512-A and digital locator Kyrie Cam sells?

    The analog locator SL 512-A has a manual gauge and sensitivity adjustment knob that is used to locate the camera head. It takes a little more time and patience to locate the signal correctly using an analog locator as opposed to a digital locator.

    2) Can the SL 512-A analog locator estimate depth of the camera head underground?

    Included in the owner's manual will be instructions on how to estimate depth with your SL 512-A analog locator. Estimating depth with an analog locator involves reading signal strength and measuring distance between peaks in the signal. Although depth estimation can be accomplished with an analog locator, it is somewhat difficult. For quick and easy depth estimation we recommend considering our digital 512 hz sonde locator.

      • Sonde mode: 512 kHz
      • Effective sonde depth detection: Up to 10 ft underground
      • Batteries: 8 x AA (supplied)
      • Battery Life: 30 hours intermittent use
      • Manual sensitivity adjustment
      • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


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