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Kyrie Cam Model 1500S CL

Kyrie Cam Model 1500S CL

150' | 512 HZ SONDE | BATTERY

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1) Is a foot counter included on the screen? On the Kyrie Cam Model 1500S CL no foot counter is included. Please see Kyrie Cam Model 1500S CTR CL or Kyrie Cam Model SL 1500S CTR CL if a footage counter is desired. 

2) Can the video be saved? If you would like to save or record the footage from your Kyrie Cam please see Kyrie Cam Model 1500S WL CL which is our 150 ft battery powered WIFI enabled camera which allows you to view, save and record the video feed on your iPhone, Android or tablet.

3) Where is the Kyrie Cam made? All Kyrie sewer cameras are handmade in the USA by a professional welder with years of experience. We are a proud supporter of US made products!

4) How easy is the Kyrie Cam to use? Whether you are a seasoned professional or have never used a sewer camera before, you will find the Kyrie Cam very easy to use!

5) How long will the batteries last? The Kyrie Cam 1500S CL can be powered 4-6 hours using both batteries before the batteries need re-charging. 

6) Can the camera be plugged into wall power? Yes if the battery is removed from the side of the control box the camera can be run off wall power with the included 18V wall power adapter. 


Ships within 24 hours using FedEx Ground.

Why Kyrie Cams?

We specialize in USA made affordable sewer cameras that provide you a great picture, value for your money and great customer service. All of our sewer cameras are made with real sewer camera push rods and will last years with proper care. And best of all, Kyrie cams are backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty, giving you peace of mind in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.

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  • 1.40" diameter submersible color camera head with 10 super bright LED lights (bright, clear color picture, and water-tight!)
  • High-Res 1500TVL High Dynamic Range (HDR) Image sensor
  • 512 Hz Sonde built-in for locating (Works with any 512 Hz locator). 
  • 3/8" sewer push cable with fiberglass core
  • 7" HD LCD monitor in a water-tight case
  • Professionally welded and powder coated frame
  • 10 spoke drum for maximum durability
  • Color: Orange and black
  • Push cable length: 150'
  • Reel frame: 20" L x 16" W x 27" H
  • 2" - 6" diameter lines (3"+" lines recommended for sharp turns)
  • 3 rubber feet to keep the camera off the ground when turned on side for use
  • Free shipping to the contiguous US! 
  • 1 year warranty
  • USA made

The Kyrie Cam 1500S comes with a 512 Hz Sonde that enables the camera head to be located up to 15 feet underground. The Kyrie Cam 1500S also has a larger control box than our 100' cameras, which allows extra storage space for camera accessories.  

37% Higher resolution than hd

Our 1500TVL image sensor is one of the highest resolution analog sensors on the market. With 37% greater resolution than a standard digital HD sensor, seeing fine details such as root intrusions in a pipe has never been easier.


Bringing pipe inspection to the
twenty-first century — utilizing the same image processing tech found in your smartphone. By combining multiple exposures, you can see in greater detail down the pipe and in front with our High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor.

3/8" Pushrod With fiberglass-core

Our 50' - 150' pipe inspection cameras use a 3/8" thick pushrod with a fiberglass-core that's stiff enough to push the distance, but flexible enough to navigate easily through mainline pipes.

Pipe inspection cameras manufactured overseas often come with 5mm or 3/16" pex-cable that lacks a fiberglass-core, allowing the cable to kink easily while not being stiff enough to push the distance.