Kyrie Cam Replacement Head KCH20

Kyrie Sewer Cameras

$ 999.00

This replacement Kyrie Cam head fits the following Kyrie Cams:

  • Kyrie Cam Models 1500S, 1500S WL, 1500S CTR, 1500S CTR WL
  • Kyrie Cam Models 2000S, 2000S WL, 2000S CTR, 2000S CTR WL
  • Kyrie Cam Models 2500S, 2500S WL, 2500S CTR, 2500S CTR WL
  • Kyrie Cam Models 3000S, 3000S WL, 3000S CTR, 3000S CTR WL

Please see Kyrie Cam head KCH10 for the Kyrie Cam Model 50, 100 & 1000S.

To order replacement camera heads for Kyrie Cam Model Nano NS100 and all self-leveling camera models please e-mail


    Ships within 24 hours Sunday - Friday. Free shipping to the US.

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