Kyrie Cam Skid Nano NS100

Kyrie Sewer Cameras

$ 49.95

We recommend purchasing a Kyrie Cam Skid in order to protect your camera head. Using a skid also helps center the camera head in the pipe, providing for an even better picture.

The skid Nano NS100 is only compatible with the following Kyrie Cam Models:

  • Kyrie Cam Nano NS100
  • Kyrie Cam Nano NS100 CTR

Please see skid model KSC10 for Kyrie Cam Models 50 - 3000S or skid model SL900 for all self leveling cameras.

Style of camera head these skids fit (1" diameter Nano camera head):


(1) skid for Nano Cam NS100 for 1.5" - 3" pipes

(1) ridged skid for Nano Cam NS100 for 4" pipes

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